Why Beauty of Africa does not do celebrity gossip!

Alright let’s face it, celebrity gossip is where the clicks are at. Clicks as in more website clicks or hits or whatever. Seriously, if you want your Online blog or in my case Magazine to get more attention then you should probably write on what Kim Kardashian had for breakfast. Don’t get me wrong, if you like keeping up with the Kardashians then I love it and I’m so happy for you guys (You and the Kardashians) lol.

I will write about celebrities with a positive message like that Jesse Williams who delivered that powerful message on black lives mattering at the BET awards. That’s positive,amazing. It makes sense!

So why don’t I write on regular celebrity gossip when it’s obviously the in thing? Here are just a few reasons Why Beauty of Africa does not write on celebrity gossip?

1. I can barely keep up with my OWN life, I cannot focus on someone else’s journey.

Everyday we’re changing,learning,growing… I literally do not have the time to go and investigate what Don Jazzy is up to even though I will admit, I would like to know. Because I love him. dhurr.  If you turned off E News you would be so amazed at the things you can learn about YOURSELF through positive practices such as meditation,reading,enjoying nature. e.t.c

2. What you Focus on grows!

Beauty of Africa focuses on inspiring Africans around the world to reach their fullest potential and to spread the beauty of African culture to the world. See what those two things have in common? POSITIVITY! I want all my readers to be and to stay positive. To look at things in a different perspective. Everything I’ve been through in life (good or bad) has led to this moment. I would rather focus on expanding that, that’s good don’t you think?

3. Gossip is Gossip and Gossip ain’t good!

Everyone has been the centre of gossip and maliciousness at some point. Heck I’m definitely in the middle of some of that right now because I’m being me. Point is! It’s not a fun experience. Gossip isn’t good period. I for one hate being around people who gossip. I feel bad them honestly because, if you can be that bothered by someone else that means your life is not going so great. So whether I’m gossiping about my friend or about Tiwa Savage, I’m still contributed to the downfall of another. That’s just not what I’m about.

4. Me, myself personally…am generally not bothered by most things let alone a celebrity’s life

Why don’t I write about celebrities? Because I don’t give a (aargh I can’t use most accurate the word) damn about most things in life. I am very simple. Yesterday, I realized I spent 30mins trying to figure out what I like best, pizza or fries? That’s how I want to live my life! lol Trying to figure out why Wizkid does what he does doesn’t not seem simple to me.

5. I don’t value money I value happiness and authenticity.

Through this website I seek happiness, for myself or for others. There is no pressure for me to get rich or popular. Point blank. My articles make sense (I hope so anyway) because I write about what I know and live everyday. My story! Not His and definitely not Hers. The whole point of writing that is to free myself and others by showing it’s okay to be vulnerable sometimes. That in itself is a big task with big rewards. When I get a comment on how my article helped someone you should see the smile on my face! That feeling my friends, no money can buy!


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