“When you’re tired learn to rest not quit”: Stuff Beauty of Africa says

Alright I’ll admit, we lost momentum  for a bit there in the last quarter of this year. We went against all our advice to be consistent, be persistent, be the best you ever will be in 2016! But really, with everything that happened in 2016 can you really blame us? 2016 has been the most….the most…2016 has been a different and crazy year. Yes? No? Maybe?

However, different and crazy is good. Different and crazy is always good. I’ll explain…If you’re reading this and thinking “gee i missed Beauty of Africa articles” Then 2016 has been a good year for you! Not because you miss and love us but because you’re alive, and you made it! You made the best out of the worst. Kudos.

So why were we M.I.A (missing in action)? It’s because we were learning. Well we or I was learning so I can teach.. That it’s alright to take care of you and not feel like you’re being selfish… Here are 5 ways to live a peaceful, judgement free life!

1. Self Care

Self care means taking care of yourself regardless of who or what it may affect. Seriously, are you able to just let everything go for a while just to get yourself in a place where YOU are ok? Sometimes, you need time to enjoy the things that mean the most to you without caring about what others will think or feel and that’s alright. Am I right? Well it shouldn’t matter if i’m right, right?

2. Please relax, It’s never that serious.

They say: if it won’t matter in a year, don’t spend a minute on it. Actually, I’m not a hundred percent sure that’s exactly what they say BUT, they do say don’t waste time on things you have no control over.

3. “If music be the food of love, play on, Give me excess of it!…”

Well this is actually stuff Shakespeare says, however, we say it too. Oh geez. Please enjoy your life! Have more of what you think you shouldn’t!  So… interesting fact about this quote: I starred in a play in high school and this was my line! (well, one of my lines, I didn’t just have 1 line during the whole play, I’m a superstar!) I realize that means I just told you I played a man in a high school play but hey, it was an all girl’s high school…and that’s really not the point…The point is, this character is so frustrated with things not going his way in life/love he just….has more of what he does love…or he asks for it anyway…

4. It’s alright to be different!

I was tempted to be normal this year, because it would have made my life easier to be honest. I would have had everything I wanted. And I mean everything….But no, if you cannot be yourself, then what’s the point. If, the people you want to impress don’t want to be impressed by you, it’s alright. Well, the good news for you is..There’s aways someone new to impress. You’ll miss those people you tried to impress, but…do you want them around if they…. just don’t get it… or get you?

5. Be kind!

Donate to our Educate An African Girl Campaign…lol no I’m just kidding (unless you want to). Do something for someone else! It will bring you so much joy AND peace! It will make you realize that, if you’re not here to help other people..there’s really no point for you being here at all.

Please comment below! And well, look forward to more articles in the New Year!



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