When over 300 people died and the world seemed silent.

First and foremost, may all the departed in the Sierra Leone tragedy rest in peace and may the country as a whole find the resources and strength it needs to get through this terrible time.

Simply put i’m outraged. A lot of us, including myself, have been watching and waiting. Waiting for the world to “get over this crazy time and get back to normal.” For the past few weeks, if you’ve been living in North America, it’s been about the racial tension/violence in America, the terrorist attack in Barcelona, heck even Mystical who sang one song “Shake it Fast” YEARS ago made the headlines for quite a number of days for allegedly raping someone (again). However, over THREE HUNDRED people in Sierra Leone died because of a natural disaster (a mudslide) and only a handful of news outlets/ African blogs covered the tragedy. How is everyone alright with that?

I do understand. I’ve been on a hiatus too myself actually. I’ve been trying to look the other way, do what I had to do to advance my career, hoping that someone else will take care of the issues, but NO. Simply put just no. Over 300 hundred people do not perish and the whole world gets to look away. Africans living all over the world do not get to unite over Wizkid playing at a concert but look away when an entire African country is burying it’s own in mass graves.

At this point no one is asking for donations or asking for money. Which by the way, people would gladly spend at a Wizkid concert but not toward relief efforts in Sierra Leone but I digress. Alright, i don’t have anything against the man (Wizkid) but if that’s the only way to get people’s attention then i’ll pull out all the stops. All we’re asking for is just a little bit of empathy and outrage for Sierra Leone. All we’re saying is, that mudslide easily could have happened in South Africa, in Nigeria, in Mozambique (all my geography experts feel free to comment below on the probability of mudslides in these locations). What would you do if you were from Sierra Leone? Wouldn’t you want people all over the internet praying for your country and loved ones?

Like I said, we’ve been on a bit of a break (we hope you’ve noticed) but as that quote says…“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”  We do not do nothing here. We give voices to the voiceless. The Sierra Leone tragedy is not Political, points are not lost for affiliating yourself with over 300 people that died in a mudslide. If the media won’t be outraged that’s okay but, as Africans living abroad. We cannot be silent. Here’s a way to make it seem more relatable. Use the same enthusiasm you reserve for Game of Thrones on Sunday for the plight of the people in Sierra Leone

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  1. Nyaradzo Shumba

    Africans home and abroad sure we all need to be shaken when something like this happens. Thanks for the wake up call


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