Our Educate An African Girl Campaign is on! Find out how to donate and why!

I was born in Zimbabwe. When I was younger I was fortunate enough to be able to move to Canada with the opportunity to attend school daily and receive a proper education. Sadly my story is not a common one for a lot of children in Zimbabwe and other surrounding countries. Often the education of children in Africa, especially those of young girls gets overlooked.

A primary reason for this is because their parents simply lack the means to pay the entrance fees for their child to attend school. Of the children who are able to attend, some simply have to stay home every day because they lack basic stationery supplies like paper or a pen or pencil.
In my research I have discovered that educated girls are less likely to be married off at a young age or forced into working prematurely. Knowing that a basic education and an easier, more fulfilling life was just out of reach of so many deserving children I decided to do something about it so in 2015 I created a Non-Profit Organization called “Beauty of Africa Inc.”

For the past few years our organization has been collecting school supplies from Canadians and have hand- delivering them to children in the poorest villages of Southern Africa. In addition to these basic stationery items, we raise funds to allow for the administration and admittance fees of these children to be covered. Our organization also provides the resources needed to ensure that the school’s these kids attend are a safe, properly staffed environment with washrooms, chairs, sporting supplies and everything else required for these young brains to thrive. The average cost of sending a child in these remote villages to school is only $60/per year. This gives a child access to their classes, teachers, assignments and books, as well as sporting equipment, a roof over their heads and a means to learn and have fun.


Our main focus is to educate girls in villages across Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi in particular, which have high rates of extreme poverty so that they have an equal chance in life and are not forced into early marriages and/or bad labor in order to help support their poor families. Our Goal for our “2018 Educate an African Girl” campaign is to make sure a minimum of 2000 children attend school with a backpack full of school supplies or at least a pen, pencil, eraser and ruler.

An example of a school we will be visiting and donating to is Hurudza Primary School. Pictured below.

Hurudza Primary school is located in Rural Kwekwe, Zimbabwe and has a total of 70 students. The school needs infrastructure upgrades, more teachers and more books. The children here either cannot attend classes because of the lack to pay school fees or they have to share a pen to complete assignments. With your help we can at least make sure children are not sharing pens and pencils. A pack of 10 pens or pencils costs as little as $1.25 in Canada. With even as little as $1 your company can make a difference to at least 10 children in rural Southern Africa.

The Educate an African Girl 2018 trip is from February 12 to 27th 2018 and your organization will receive a lot of footage of children in these areas thanking you for your donation as well as pictures of the classroom block we intend to build for this school.

We invite you to help us empower and educate these African girls and women living in some of the poorest regions in Africa who struggle daily to get access to their basic human needs. Your support now will ensure these amazing children get to have a fulfilling future.
As a thank you for your generosity you will be posted in our online magazine (if you so choose),

You can donate via Paypal  this website by simply clicking on the donate button on the main page! or by sending school supplies or a cheque to our address 44- 1175 Haro Street Vancouver BC, V6E 1E5. You can also contact us to meet in person through our email

We also promote our donors at our Annual Black Tie Beauty of Africa Fundraising Gala where we showcase the beauty of African culture through Art and an African Beauty Pageant. The Gala provides African artists and Young African women a unique platform to express themselves and represent their countries of origin in a positive light.


We hope you are able to assist us in our Educate an African Girl Campaign!

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