Canada’s Miss Beauty of Africa 2018 : Miss Sudan – Joyce Anny

Hello, my name is Joyce Anny and I am honoured to be representing South Sudan in the miss Africa 2018. I was born in Sudan but was raised in Egypt. I then came to Canada with my family when I was 11 years old. It was hard adjusting to the county, environment, and everything it had to offer but step by step I learned and it became easier. It was nice to experience the struggle of adjusting to a new world that I didn’t know anything about with my family who I was lucky enough to have most of them come with me to this journey. Some of my cousins and one of my sister however were not so fortunate and got spelt up by immigration and ended up going to a different country. I plan to one day go back home because I don’t have much recognition of my hometown because I was around 3 when I left to go to Egypt, I also have relatives there that wish to see me all grown up. I also hope to visit Egypt as well because I really miss growing up there and my friends and relatives that I left behind.

Currently I am a nursing student in the career path to be an RN I love helping people especially those in need. In the future I hope to own my own clinic in South Sudan to help my people live a better life because I know they struggle daily being medically ill without any resources to help them recover and I want to be able to provide that resource for them and the future of our children. I also have love for cooking and I hope to own my own restaurant someday. With being able to own a restaurant I can help with the starvation that’s going on in our country by providing food from the restaurant to every shelters near by. I also love modelling it’s not just a hobby but a passion I had since I was little. I love giving young girls and women the confident to feel good in their own skin. I want women to know that they can be creative, unique and to not let society define who they are. I want every women to know that you don’t necessarily have to be a size two to be a model and do what you love especially to young insecure women. I want to give them the voice to know with passion, confident and hard work you can be anything you want to be. I have a lot of goals i want to reach for my future and being a business women is diffidently one of them. That’s why I plan to go back to school for business once I’m done with nursing. I want to be able to own a lot of different business within my experience like being a nurse, chief, model or a dancer. Being able to own my own business can help open more doors for my people by hiring them in my businesses to help improve our county. We all come from the motherland and I feel that is our dutie to help mama Africa rise like any of these Europeans countries. We have the essentials to make it happen by putting in the work. In my free time, I love to dance, I grew up taking dance classes weather it was African, hip hop, belly dancing, jazz, ballet, modern, salsa, creative, or bachata I love doing them all and learning something new. I also love modeling during my free time, I enjoy getting dressed up, doing makeup, walking the runway and travelling to different places is always a nice experience. I also like singing and doing karaoke. I grew up singing in church and school choir in Egypt and Canada. If I won miss Africa it would be a dream come true and i would be one step closer to my accomplishment and goals. I hope to see everyone there, so come support and get a little closer to your roots

The  Third  Annual Black Tie Beauty of Africa Gala is on June 2nd 2018 at the Festival Hall in Inglewood Calgary! Joyce is one of 10 contestants representing their countries of origin in a positive light. We no doubt believe she will do a great job at representing her country on stage!
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