Canada’s Miss Beauty of Africa 2018 : Miss Kenya – Ann Maina

My name is Ann Maina and I am honored to be representing Kenya in Canada’s 2018 Miss Beauty of Africa Pageant. Having been born in Kenya and migrating to Canada when I was six years old, I grew up disconnected to my roots due to the hustle and bustle of life. I recognize this pageant as an opportunity to become more aware and involved in the African community. I so believe in the goal of the Gala to showcase the beauty of the different African cultures to everyone in North America. Recently taking to heart the saying, “You must first know where you have come from to know where you are going”. I have already begun to learn an innumerable amount of lessons from my reconnecting back with my community in a way that I have never done so before. Though I have not always know my history, I have had a deep passion and interest in business, entrepreneurship, and networking for many years.

My introduction to business opened a world of possibilities I did not know existed. In my experience business is creating win-win situations for all parties involved. It is what fuels my everyday drive in doing what it is I do for work. I am fortunate enough to be working in the financial industry with a team where it is only through protecting families’ financial success that we work towards our own. To further explore my love and passion I will begin the journey to a Bachelor of Commerce degree in 2019. I do not know what life will bring to me in the future, but I will find hope in creating a positive, ever-lasting change in the world, perhaps with my own company or in partnership with amazing individuals and organizations. When I am not working or studying, you can find me dream-building with my brother and family, playing or coaching basketball, and personally developing myself with courses and books in the areas of leadership, speaking, abundance, inner-awareness, and networking.

With Gratitude,

Ann Maina

The  Third  Annual Black Tie Beauty of Africa Gala is on June 2nd 2018 at the Festival Hall in Inglewood Calgary! Ann is one of 10 contestants representing their countries of origin in a positive light. We no doubt believe she will do a great job at representing her country on stage!
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