Canada’s Miss Beauty of Africa 2017 – Miss Zimbabwe : Mirandah Shereni

Hello Everyone . Makadini.

My name is Mirandah Shereni, and I’ll be representing Zimbabwe in the Miss Beauty of Africa Pageant on June 10 2017. I’m in my third year at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta, working on my bachelor of Communications while majoring in Journalism. Once school is over, my dream job is to become a News Anchor.

Growing up in Zimbabwe till the age of 19, I remember watching news with my grandfather.  Even at eight years old I had a huge amount of admiration for those presenting information on important events around the world. I remember my fascination over the way they were dressed and how modest, clean and how smart they looked. So when it was my turn to read in class I would always imitate the anchors I watched. When I’m not busy with schoolwork I love to go out and sing karaoke. Singing is my passion and when I’m not telling stories through journalism, it’s through music. Music allows me to express myself in ways that regular words cannot. I also like trying all sorts of new food, as well as writing stories.

I believe everyone and every place has a story that is waiting to be told as a way to inspire, teach and inform. I grew up living with grandparents up until the age of 10. At primary school, we spent our afternoons fetching water for the garden and carrying bricks with our bare hands so the school could build a new block. Those who could barely pay their school fees also had to walk for miles and miles just to get to school. The soles of their feet would have cracks that you could fit a quarter into. People suffering from mental health issues were thought to be bewitched or possessed by demons. Out of all the issues in Africa, these are the main ones I would address and try to raise awareness for, in Africa because they hit very close to home for me.


The Second Annual Black Tie Beauty of Africa Gala is on June 10th 2017 at the Festival Hall in Inglewood Calgary! Mirandah is one of 15 contestants representing their countries of origin in a positive light. Although we no doubt believe she will do a great job at representing her country on stage, here are some facts you need to know about the beautiful Nation of Zimbabwe!
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  1. Zimbabwe is a beautiful and amazing nation.
  2. The name Zimbabwe is derived from the stone structures of Great Zimbabwe, an ancient ruined city built between 1100 and 1450 AD, which is now a UNESCO world heritage site. The Zimbabwe ruins are an enigma, no one really knows who built them but they are thought to have some Arab influence dating back to some lost civilisation of the great Monomotapa and Zimbabwe kingdoms.
  3. Zimbabwe is bordered on the north and east by Mozambique, on the south by the Republic of South Africa, on the south-west by Botswana, and on the north and north-west by Zambia.
  4. Zimbabwe has some superb attractions for the visitor, such as the Mighty Victoria Falls or Mosi au tunya (the smoke that thunders). This place was described by Livingstone as “a sight so beautiful that angels must have gazed in flight”
  5. Zimbabwe has a diverse population; there are indigenous people in the country as well as migrants from other nations. Almost ninety-eight percent of the population is constituted by the black ethnic groups. The largest black group is the Shona group that comprise around eighty-five percent of the total population. The Shonas are followed by Ndebele (15%). There are several Bantu ethnic groups that make up five percent of the Zimbabwe population. These are Venda, Tonga, Shangaan, Kalanga, Sotho, Ndau and Nambya.
  6. Zimbabwe has 16 official languages, more than any other country in the world! They are English, Chewa, Chibarwe, Kalanga, Koisan, Nambya, Ndau, Ndebele, Shangani, Shona, Sotho, Tonga, Tswana, Venda, Xhosa and sign language
  7. In a family the father is usually the leader of the family, but the mother also exercises influence in the home. Children learn respect for their elders, which is considered a very important quality. From the age of about seven or eight, girls start to help in the house, and in rural areas boys of that age begin to learn to herd livestock. Children are encouraged to take on adult tasks from an early age.
  8. Primary school starts when a child is seven, and after seven years there, a child who has passed the examinations may continue in secondary school for two, four or six years. Children walk to school, and a primary school may be a one-hour walk and a secondary school a longer walk.
  9. Agriculture, foreign trade, and tourism are the main currency earners of Zimbabwe. It grows cotton, corn, wheat and tobacco and rears cattle. Its industry consists of coal, gold, steel, cement, chemicals and wood products. Mining is a significant sector; the country has some of the largest platinum and diamond reserves in the world. The country also exports tobacco, gold, nickel, cotton, ferro-alloys, textiles, and agricultural products.
  10. Christianity is the dominant religion in Zimbabwe followed by over eighty-five percent of the population.
  11. Zimbabwe is the only country to have 8 official currencies, none of which are exclusive to Zimbabwe! They are US Dollars, South African Rand, Botswanan Pula, British Pound Sterling, Australian Dollars, Chinese Yuan, Indian Rupees and Japanese Yen! These currencies recently replaced the Zimbabwean Dollar after the country experienced hyperinflation which saw the currency become worthless.
  12. Zimbabweans enjoy a tropical climate with a dry season with almost no rain whatsoever from April to October and a rainy season from November to March.
  13. While many people use Western utensils, it is also common to eat with the fingers in rural areas.
  14. Generally speaking, Zimbabweans wear Western-style clothing. Traditional African dress is reserved for performing or for special occasions.


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Photos by KofiHugo in Calgary, and @Kofihugo on Instagram 
Makeup by Amour Millie in Calgary

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  1. Love you Miranda thanks for representing our beautiful country Zimbabwe. All the best you going to make us proud. You were born a winner and you going to make it and live the dream

  2. Mirandah

    Thank you so much for your support xxx


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