Canada’s Miss Beauty of Africa 2017 – Miss Nigeria : Pamela Azenabor

Greetings all,

My name is Pamela Azenuabor, I’m 25 years old and I will be representing Nigeria in the Canada’s Miss Beauty of Africa 2017. I was born and raised in Benin City, moved to Canada at age 14 and Calgary has been home ever since.

I graduated as a practical nurse in 2015 and I have been working in my field, which I absolutely love. I do plan to further my career in healthcare as I have a strong passion with helping people and promoting health.

I’m a very hard working individual, independent and believe strongly in women empowerment. In my spare time, I like to reflect on my accomplishments, set smart goals in order to better improve my life and, spend time with my love ones.

I feel blessed to be part of a positive event, which will be taken back home to African for a good cause.

Thank you,


The Second Annual Black Tie Beauty of Africa Gala is on June 10th 2017 at the Festival Hall in Inglewood Calgary! Pam is one of 15 contestants representing their countries of origin in a positive light. Although we no doubt believe she will do a great job at representing her country on stage, here are some facts you need to know about the beautiful Nation of Nigeria!

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  1. Nigeria is a country in West Africa.
  2. It is officially known as Federal Republic of Nigeria and the country is surrounded by Benin, Chad, Cameroon, Niger, Gulf of Guinea and Atlantic Ocean.
  3. Nigeria is also referred to as the “Giant of Africa”.
  4. The name of the country comes from the name of the river Niger which flows through the country. Niger spans 4,180km from its source in the Highlands of Guinea, which is in Southern Guinea. The river is also the third largest river in Africa.
  5. Nigeria is made up of thirty-six states and has over two hundred and fifty ethnic groups.
  6. Nigeria has English as its official language. Apart from this, over 30 other languages are spoken in the country. 7% of the world’s languages are spoken in Nigeria.
  7. The country is also very rich in oil and other mineral resources which the nation has been seriously accused of not exploiting properly over the years. It is among the top five countries in the world with unexplored natural gas reserves.
  8. Nigerian Naira is the official currency of Nigeria.

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