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We know you’re busy. We know everyday you are constantly bombarded with news. Most of it is pointless, for example yesterday there was a news article on a reputable website about who had a bigger dress slit Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston?  After a while you start to tune everything out because you are tired of filtering through the information to figure out what’s good and important and what’s not. Sometimes the important news doesn’t even reach you because it simply doesn’t sell. If you’re an African living abroad you will notice that often Western Media doesn’t even cover African News because they are busy with their own News. So here it is, Here is a recap of some of the important news you may have missed this Month!



Cyclone Dineo kills seven people in Mozambique

Refugees from South Sudan cross 1.5 million mark

Ivory Coast journalists arrested over ‘false news’ on mutiny

Kenya declares drought a national disaster, seeks help

Trump and Buhari hold cordial phone conversation

President Trump also spoke to South African President Jacob Zuma

Kenya Doctors union officials jailed for not ending strike

1. Cyclone Dineo kills seven people in Mozambique (16 February 2017)



 On 16 February 2017, Mozambique’s natural disaster agency  reported that Cyclone Dineo has killed seven people and affected 130,000 across southern Mozambique. They added that more than 20,000 homes were destroyed by winds and very strong rain and the search for survivors is still on-going. Dineo’s impact was greatest in Inhambane, an area popular with tourists on Mozambique’s south east coast. It was struck by winds of more than 100 kmh (62 mph), torrential rain and rough seas. Dineo was downgraded to a tropical depression on Thursday 16 February 2017 and renamed “ex-Dineo”. However, several Weather forecasts have warned that heavy rain across Southern Africa could lead to flooding.

2. Refugees from South Sudan cross 1.5 million mark (17 February 2017)


The number of refugees who have fled South Sudan has crossed the 1.5 million mark. This puts the country third after Syria and Afghanistan in terms countries with the highest number of refugees, according to the UNHCR. The UN refugee agency said on Friday 17 February 2017 that unless rival government and rebel forces agreed to talk, the ongoing flow of refugees within the country and abroad will continue this year. More than 2.1 million people are internally displaced, the UNHCR said.

3. Ivory Coast journalists arrested over ‘false news’ on mutiny

 Six journalists, including three media owners, have been arrested in the Ivory Coast for “spreading false information” about a mutiny by security forces, their newspapers and the public prosecutor said. The move came after elite forces became the latest troops to protest over pay in recent weeks in the West African nation, firing into the air in the army barracks town of Adiake. “Regarding recent action taken by the military … we have come to believe that certain media organisations are spreading false information in a bid to encourage soldiers to revolt,” said a statement from the public prosecutor broadcast on national television on Sunday 19 February 2017. The editor and owner of the independent dailies L’Inter and SoirInfo were arrested and held in a police camp in the capital Abidjan, along with the editors and owners of the opposition newspapers Le Temps and Notre Voie.

4. Kenya declares drought a national disaster, seeks help (10 February 2017)

Kenya declared a national disaster on Friday (February 10, 2017) calling for aid to counter drought that is posing a major risk to people, livestock and wildlife.The Kenya Red Cross has estimated around 2.7 million people are in need of food aid after low rainfall in October and November 2016 and the next rainy season not due before April 2017. President Uhuru Kenyatta said the drought had affected 23 out of the country’s 47 counties and called for “local and international partners to come in and support the government’s efforts to contain the situation,” a statement from his office said. The U.N. World Food Programme said it was short of $22m for the next six to nine months to provide support such as school meals for 428,000 children who often depend on them as their only substantial meal of the day. Low rainfall in October and November 2016 Kenyan government says the drought followed low rainfall during the October and November 2016 rainy season. The statement issued by the Kenyan presidency did not say how much the government aimed to raise, to deal with the drought, but said it had already released $70.57m, and authorities at the county level had provided another $19m. Early this month residents in drought-struck northern Kenya said at least 11 people had died and a tourist lodge had been torched due to conflicts when armed cattle herders flooded onto farms and wildlife conservancies.

5. Trump and Buhari hold cordial phone call conversation (13 February 2017)

trump and buha

 The phone call between President Donald Trump and Muhammadu Buhari took place on 13 February 2017. The conversation was cordial and President Buhari congratulated President Trump on his election as President of the United States and his cabinet. The two leaders discussed ways to improve cooperation in the fight against terrorism through provision of necessary equipment. President Trump also encouraged President Buhari to keep up the good work he is doing, and also commended him for the efforts made in rescuing 24 of the Chikok Girls. President Trump assured the Nigerian President of United States readiness to cut a new deal in helping Nigeria in terms of military weapons to combat terrorism President Trump also invited President Buhari to Washington at a mutually convenient date.

6. President Trump also spoke to South African President Jacob Zuma (13 February 2017)

 tru,p and zuma

President Jacob Zuma and President Donald Trump of the United States of America held a telephone conversation on 13 February 2017 at the request of President Trump.The two discussed Trade during their call.During the conversation President Zuma congratulated President Trump on his election as the 45th President of the United States of America. The two Presidents also reaffirmed their commitment to strengthening the already strong bilateral relations between the two countries. The two Presidents also discussed the need to work together on multilateral issues as well especially the quest for peace and stability on the African continent.

7. Kenya Doctors union officials jailed for not ending a strike (17 February 2017)

Some officials have been jailed for a month for contempt of court after failing to act on an order to end strike action that has paralyzed the public health service in recent weeks. The Doctors have been on a nationwide strike for 10 weeks and are calling for better pay and working conditions.

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